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No Veggies or Any Other Toppings

{ I don't really have a shoe obsession }

Ten random facts about me

1. I like my sandwiches very basic. Bread, meat, sometimes cheese, and condiments. No veggies or any other toppings. When I go to sandwich places, this always results in my getting weird looks from the person who's making my order.

2. I am afraid of bees (I don't like things that or bite when you're not doing anything to bother them) and petrified of centipedes. The rest of my fears are more existential.

3. I read a lot. Like, all the time. Even when my life is crazy busy, I've got a book by my bedside that I'll read a chapter or two of before falling asleep. My tastes are varied, and I've read my share of literature, although I read more fluff than I should because I like my fun reading to not require excessive amounts of contemplation on my part.

4. My cat's name means "superior gift" in Hawaiian. It's obviously gone to her head, since she's quite the conceited little girl. I got her in Hawaii, actually, from a friend of my mother who does a lot of animal rescue work. I'd been thinking about getting a cat for awhile, and my girl doesn't play nice with other cats, so now she is an only child and very spoiled and I love her to pieces.

5. I've lived in six different cities in my lifetime, as far east as Washington D.C. and as far west as New Zealand. I grew up in a large town/small city, but I like living in urban areas and I want to end up on the East Coast, or at least live there for a few years and see how I like it.

6. I have a tiny bit of Cherokee blood, although most everything else is some form of Western European. A quarter Swiss, a quarter Scottish, and half everything else.

7. I don't know if this has been confirmed, but supposedly Pearl S. Buck (who wrote The Good Earth) was my great-aunt or great-great aunt by marriage on my mother's side of the family.

8. The one piece of jewelry I'm never without is an opal ring that I wear on my right ring finger. My grandmother gave it to me about six years ago, and I've worn it ever since. I used to have another ring that she gave me, a beautiful little one made out of Black Hills gold that I wore on my right pinkie finger, but I went water-skiing three years ago and lost it during a rather spectacular wipeout.

9. I buy shoes once a year, usually right before the start of a new school year. I tend to go for comfortable tennis shoes that can withstand a lot of walking, and they're usually pretty worn out by the end of the year. I've got a few other pairs (sandals, a few dressy pairs) but I don't really have a shoe obsession.

10. My teeth are nice and pretty and straight and are the result of wearing a butterfly for three months at the end of sixth grade (evil torture device); braces for a year and a half; and a retainer for the following two years. But now I am all done with orthodontic work and have a very pretty smile.

Most of my journal (anything that's remotely personal about me) is friends-only, but I'm always up for meeting new people, so if you friend me, chances are I'll friend you back within a day or two. Just leave a comment somewhere with a little something about yourself--I like to know who's reading!

I am also a co-founder and co-moderator of frith_devotion!